Chris Cillizza Explaining that G7 Picture on TV Is Only Slightly More Painful Than Chris Cillizza Explaining that G7 Picture on the Internet

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Alleged “pundit” Chris Cillizza appeared on the TV channel CNN today to reiterate a very terrible non-argument he’d made earlier on about how an “already iconic” photo from the G7 summit—get this—means different things to different people. What a searing and insightful look at global politics!


In the piece, Cillizza, the human embodiment of that one time Drake dropped a press release in response to a goddamn rap beef, attempts to conduct a body language analysis of the photo, which shows lots of world leaders standing around Donald Trump. He does manage to spit out a high school compare-and-contrast essay, which just about meets the expectations we have for him. Some highlights include:

If you loathe the President (or have deep concerns about his tendency to fight with our allies and meet with our enemies) photo of Trump, arms crossed and scowling, surrounded by a perplexed world community, is your nightmare.


If you love the President, the G7 photo encapsulates everything you hoped he might be on the world stage.

His conclusion:

Like all great art, what this photo means depends on the person looking at it.

Truly incredible. Anyway, he took this very in-depth and well thought-out argument to the small screen, in an appearance that made the essay seem as eloquent as Oscar Wilde. After explaining the relationship between Justin Trudeau’s father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and Ronald Reagan, Cillizza addressed the very same photo he’d already written about. It’s all very painful to watch—which makes it even more astounding that Cillizza posted the footage of the struggle himself.


Yes, that was Cillizza saying, “He’s, his hands, he’s got, look at his look.” Great work everyone.

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