Chris Cuomo Wants Some Sympathy For the Border Patrol Agents Gassing Kids

Screenshot: CNN

Attempting to be the Worst Cuomo Boy when your brother is this guy has never been an easy job, but CNN’s Chris Cuomo took his quest to new heights on Sunday night with a Twitter rant stressing that, while tear gassing children is bad, the agency doing the tear gassing? Well, they’re actually very good.

After a too-long Twitter fight with Shareblue writer Oliver Willis in which Cuomo predictably argued that Both Sides Are Responsible, the CNN anchor dropped this whopper in which he warned against “demoniz[ing]” the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, i.e. the people who tear gassed unarmed migrants yesterday at the U.S.-Mexico border, “without cause.”


Our boy wasn’t done digging this big ditch for himself.

I forgot, who’s responsible for there being “no system to accommodate” migrants, imposing barbaric restrictions even on the people who follow official channels of gaining entry to the United States? Oh yeah, the executive branch. Which is run by a guy who started his political career on the premise that most Mexican immigrants to the United States are rapists, and who has made decisions based on that premise since he became president.

Cuomo eventually got around to his proposed solution: that everyone can agree that the law should be “enforced”—first of all, no—and that what we really need to resolve this situation is more border cops and immigration judges, who preside over an insane justice system where literal babies are forced to defend themselves in court.


If there’s one thing we know about Donald Trump, it’s that he’s always trying to find a solution and doesn’t just want to see more chaos.


As bad as Cuomo’s opinions on all of this are, they’re also peak CNN: find a problem very easily traceable back to specific policies or people, and manage to blame everyone for it—except, of course, for the people in uniform.

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