Chris Matthews Is a Strong Candidate for 'Man With the Worst Jeffrey Epstein Take'

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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews suggested on Tuesday that politicians flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, known as the “Lolita Express,” in part because they were short on cash.


Matthews said: “One thing culturally that goes on in politics that I find really dismaying: politicians need money. A lot of them aren’t that wealthy. They live on their salaries, 100 and a half a year, they’re not crying, but they love travel and private planes, they have to get around for professional and political reasons.”

Matthews is clearly seriously out of touch for thinking anyone who earns that much money could “need money.” It’s hard to imagine any of the ridiculously wealthy politicians that have been linked to Epstein, like President Donald Trump, former President Bill Clinton, and former Vice President Al Gore, calling him up because they couldn’t afford a private jet ride of their own. They are all worth hundreds of millions.

Maybe Matthews is picturing them as girlfriends who fly in a borrowed jet to a wine tasting. At least that’s how I’m imagining him imagining them.

It’s possible that Matthews thinks politicians need money because they are constantly fundraising for elections. This is not the same as needing money. This is not an even slightly legitimate reason to fly on a private jet with Jeffrey Epstein.

Matthews continued to rant incredulously about the unnamed politicians, showing the depths of his denial:

They’ve become friends with the wrong frickin’ people. And these people are frightening and they want something, they want the prestige of hanging around a politician. These relationships are awful, the names that have come out. I don’t want to use their names tonight. Why do these guys know a guy like this guy Epstein? Why do you want to know him?


It’s extremely embarrassing for MSNBC that Matthews likes politicians so much he didn’t even want to report on the ones who are reportedly linked to an accused child rapist. It seems as though he’s in complete denial that some people in this world are violent abusers. Welcome to 2019, buttercup, that’s the world most of us are living in.

Besides, all three of these men—Trump, Clinton, and Gore—have been accused of inappropriate sexual conduct outside of the context of Jeffrey Epstein. (All three men denied the cumulative array of charges leveled against them.)


So why do these guys know a guy like this guy Epstein? It’s pretty silly Matthews even asks this question when he clearly knows one very clear possible answer and does not want to speak its name aloud.