Chris Pratt just did the sweetest Prattkeeping ever

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Our obsession with Prattkeeping — the incredible meme generated by this summer's biggest blockbuster, Jurassic World — is far from over. While we're pumped to see more pics from the masses, we have decided to crown this undeniably the best Prattkeep of all time:

The children's-hospital-playroom-pose. 😍

According to Reddit user chrysias, Chris Pratt took a break from shooting The Magnificent Seven (set for release in 2017) to make an impromptu stop at Our Lady of the Lake — a children's hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — to help train these sweet baby raptors. 😭


Pratt has a lot to celebrate these days; His 36th birthday and Father's Day (the DILF has a 2 year old son) were yesterday, and Jurassic World is the number one movie in the world 2 weeks in a row (after having the biggest opening weekend IN HISTORY).  Everything is coming up Pratt, and somehow he's still making time to brighten the day for others.

Swoon. For. Real.

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