Chris Pratt Said Something Really Interesting About Feeling Objectified

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Chris Pratt, Hollywood’s third-best Chris, is deep into the press circuit for Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, which means he has been speaking words that were not written for him to say, which is always very, very interesting.


At a Guardians press conference in Los Angeles that Vulture attended, Pratt talked about how Hollywood objectifies him (because he’s hot).

“I would say that objectification is good for me because when I turned my body into an object that people liked, I got paid a lot of money,” Pratt told reporters. “My kids can go to college because I’m an object.”


Still, he paused: “As a man, I can say that.” Pratt noted that objectified women in Hollywood have it far worse, and are offered fewer great roles to prove they’re more than just a body.


“I have to be careful because for generations — for millennia — women have been objectified in a way where there’s a pretty horrifying past.”


That said,

“So that’s a little bit different, and there probably is what you’d call a double standard, but I think you have to deal with them separately because there’s a history of objectification [with women] that is a sensitive issue.”



What a way for Chris Pratt to cap off his week of firmly admitting that he doesn’t think Hollywood makes enough movies that “resonate” with him and that there should be more movies about blue-collar Americans—by saying it’s “a little bit different” and that it’s “probably” a “double standard” that he can be objectified for his body for personal gain and women...can’t.


Update, 7:36 PM: He’s making a comeback!

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