Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

Last night, social media went into full out bash mode. That meant only one thing — it was time for the 2014 BET Awards. The masses signed on to their social media application of choice to discover who was wittier at bashing their favorite celebrity. There was clearly one undisputed champion, and that was the show's host, Chris Rock. He lead the onslaught of jokes against our favorite musicians, actors, actresses and pop culture icons. This wasn’t Rock’s first time hitting an award stage and dishing out the insults — he made a name for himself while hosting the VMA’s in 1997, 1999 and in 2003. He had a bigger platform to humble A-Listers in 2005 at the 77th Academy Awards. The BET awards served as a reminder to celebrities that Chris Rock hasn’t lost a beat.

Below we’ve compiled some of the most hurtful, disrespectful and downright offensive comments from Chris Rock as host of the BET Awards 2014:

1. Rock on Solange:

Jay Z and Beyonce were among the celebrities who were mentioned in the line-up of performers on the show (even though it was actually a taped performance from the “On The Run” tour). There hasn’t been a big platform where the Solange/Jay Z incident could be discussed. Chris Rock made sure to make up for lost time. He began the show talking about about the infamous elevator brawl. He began to say Solange was lucky that she hit “Blueprint 3” Jay Z. He said that Jay Z can’t be seen fighting with women when he has a meeting with cookie company “Nabisco in the morning”. If she attacked “Reasonable Doubt” Jay Z, the elevator would be full of “lipstick, blood, and weed”.


Chris Rock also made a mock commercial for the BET football drama show “The Game." Rock said he’ll be joining the cast as a new player and that he’ll be “kicking balls like Solange."


2. Rock on Rick Ross:

Rick Ross wasn’t in attendance at this years BET Awards but that didn’t stop Chris Rock from roasting the emcee. Ross has been claiming that he lost 100 pounds doing crossfit. He can now add respect to the list of things he’s been losing after Chris Rock targeted him during the show.


In his opening monologue, Rock mentioned Dr. Dre’s accomplishment of making three billion dollars from selling his headphone company, Beat By Dre, to Apple. Rock said Rick Ross is releasing a new brand of headphones “dia-Beats” and it can be “placed on your swollen foot before you chop it off.” He then continued his assault on Ricky Rozay and his weight by saying he’ll be the first rapper to die from breast cancer.

Chris Rock mocked Ellen’s ordering pizza during the Oscars, when she passed out slices to the crowd. Chris Rock wanted to put his own spin on it, and passed out L.A. soulfood staple, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, to the crowd. He then took out a salad and said “this one is for Rick Ross.”


There was a portion in the show when Chris Rock claimed that there wasn’t enough time to announce all of the awards on- air. He announced the winner for the “Worst Interracial Sex Tape” award. He said the winners were Rick Ross and celebrity chef, Paula Dean.


3. Rock on Paris Hilton:

Let’s just say it. Paris Hilton at the BET Awards?!?? Chris Rock quickly noticed the celebutante/singer/DJ in the front row at the show of the BET Awards. Rock said Paris is “getting her Kardashian on tonight!”

Rock didn’t want Paris to feel left out while he was handing out Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles to the crowd. He turned to Paris and said “You want to be black tonight?” and handed her a styrofoam of L.A.’s favorite soul food.


4. Rock on T.I.:

Fans were curious whether Chris Rock would touch down on the T.I./Floyd Mayweather fight over T.I. wife, Tiny, that took place on May 25 in Las Vegas. Well… he did. Rock walked out to the audience to introduce John Legend’s performance, but noticed former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson standing to his right, and said, “T.I. ain’t gonna start a fight with Mike Tyson.” The camera quickly cut to a smiling TI and his wife Tiny, looking down at the floor in embarrassment.


5. Rock on Chris Brown:

The world waited to see the first post-jail performance of Chris Brown at this year’s award show. Rock stepped out to introduce Brown’s performance by saying that this “next artist just signed a new a deal…too bad it was a plea deal.”


The R&B singer lived up to fans’ expectations by giving them an explosive performance, even though many were probably distracted by his flannel pajama top looking attire. Chris Rock concluded the performance saying that Brown was dancing like he’s free. He continued, saying that “the guy from the mug shot can’t do that.”