Christmas Gifts: Fried Chicken Candles, Nap Pillows


Christmas is almost here, and that means Christmas parties, which leads to the unnecessary stress of trying to find a unique gift that isn't a bottle of wine and also looks more expensive than it costs.


How about a nice candle? Maybe one with a pleasant smell? How about a fried chicken hot scented candle?

A company called Kentucky for Kentucky made such a candle and it sold out within minutes! I don't know who is buying these… except maybe KFC is ordering box fulls to stick inside burger joints, filling them with the smell of fried chicken and driving the customers into the clutches of the colonel.

Next on the list of weird trending gift items are nap pillows. These are trending as an office accessory, but as someone who takes several secret naps at my desk per week, the trick is to NOT look like you're sleeping.

The nap pillow screams "Hey boss! I'm wasting my time and your money! Fire me!" This needs to make its way to the Sky Mall and stop trending.

And last today is Victoria Beckham's poor wedding tiara that nobody wants to buy. The Spice Girl is selling her $27,000 diamond encrusted gold piece, and to her surprise nobody is bidding for it! Oh no! What will she do?!

I'd rather watch paint dry than keep up with this story. So… please. stop. trending.


Romina Puga is a pop culture reporter and producer for Fusion. You can find her on "Fusion Now," Fusion's daily TV updates, going over new movies, music, apps, and why D'Angelo is still sexy.