Chuck E. Cheese wants 'millennial' parents to know that they can drink during a kid's party

The next time you balk at the idea of attending a child's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, remember this one simple fact: Chuck E. Cheese serves wine and beer. They always have.

Chances are that you weren't clued in, but the national chain is very casually rolling out a campaign to make sure that you do from now on.


In an effort to make itself more appealing to a new generation of parents, certain Chuck E. Cheese locations across the country are rolling out new menu options designed to appeal to millennial parents.

In the past, adults only had access to a depressing choice of Miller Lite or Miller Genuine Draft for beer. Wine drinkers were limited to either a nondescript blush or a "Chablis." (Mind you, all Chablis are supposed to come from the Chablis wine district in northern Burgundy, France.)

Party rat.

Now though, you can pair your Cali alfredo thin-crust pizza with a nice, yeasty craft beer or a rich merlot.


The idea, CEC Entertainment head chef Greg Casale explained to Bloomberg, is to give millennial parents an experience that they can enjoy while their little ones gamble in a casino for children.

“Her kids know it’s a fun place to go, but millennial moms want to provide that great experience without sacrificing for themselves,” Casale said. “Before she was a mom, she was going to places like Panera and those concepts. She wants something that fits into her millennial lifestyle.”


Chuck E. Cheese's new offerings aren't limited to an expanded drinks menu, either. The chain is also introducing a new lineup of coffees and cappuccinos as well as wraps and churros. As always, Chuck E. Cheese will continue to limit adults to two alcoholic drinks per person, but hey, there's always the after party.

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