City Council Candidate Who Said She Wanted to Keep Her Town White Drops Out of Race for Some Reason

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Marysville, MI City Council candidate Jean Cramer, who announced at a candidate forum last that she wanted to keep Marysville a “white community as much as possible,” has dropped out of the race.


CBS News reports that Cramer was urged to bow out by the city’s mayor, because she’s, you know, racist. “Mrs. Cramer’s disturbing and disgusting ideology was flatly rejected by me, our entire City Council, all of City Administration and our employees,” Marysville Mayor Dan Damman told CBS, adding that her comments were “as vile as they were jaw dropping.”

Cramer made the comments when asked by the forum’s moderator how she’d help draw more foreign-born residents to the 97 percent white town, responding that she’d “Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible,” and added, “White. Seriously. In other words, no foreign-born, no foreign people,” in case anyone misheard her.

She also told The Times Herald in Port Huron in a post-forum interview that, “As far as I know, as long as we’ve been here, Marysville has been a white community, a white city,” and also said a bunch of racist nonsense about how people shouldn’t marry people of different races.

Damman said he was “very thankful” Cramer dropped out and hoped “that she withdrew because she recognized that her belief system and ideology have no place in public service; not in Marysville, not anywhere,” which seems unlikely. Anyway, I’m sure she’ll end up as Trump’s Chief of Staff in no time.