'Clarissa Explains It All' is getting a young adult novel sequel

This image was removed due to legal reasons.
This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Everyone's favorite 14-year-old sage, Clarissa Darling, is poised to return in a YA novel sequel to the the hit TV show Clarissa Explains It All. It's been 24 years since the show first aired, but we're still excited for this follow up, which is titled Things I Can't Explain. Ugh, Clarissa always just got it.

The mastermind behind the book (and TV show), Mitchell Kriegmen, explained to Entertainment Weekly that this "reimagining of Clarissa" picks up in the modern day, with our wise-beyond-her-years heroine in her twenties (Kriegmen asks you to ignore the math). Tackling "adult problems" within our social-media media obsessed landscape — where, perhaps, your best friend doesn't need to crawl through your window to talk — Kriegman assures us Clarissa still "[has] got it altogether." #lifegoals

Things I Can't Explain will reportedly reveal what happened to Clarissa's bestie Sam, and Clarissa's twerp of a littler brother, Ferguson, although Kriegmen stays mum on specifics. We're assuming Clarissa's still a master of the mix when it comes to dressing, with a closet that is both enviable and pretty on-trend.

The book doesn't debut until November; until then, you can go down memory lane to parch your thirst for its release — go ahead and bop along to Clarissa's infectious theme song ("Way cool!") and heed the no-nonsense tween's advice on blind dates and dating: "Let's face it: dating is kind of a bizarre ritual: you meet, you greet, and in about two seconds you decide if this person is your destiny or some dork you have to spend the next two hours with."

Girl, yes!

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