CNN Anchor Says the Mueller Report Redux Has Broken Her Spirit

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Whom among us hasn’t felt dejected watching our racist, sexist, ableist, xenophobic, president do terrible things and suffer no consequences? It’s exhausting to be constantly exhausted by what he’s done to endanger the lives of immigrants, Muslims, people of color, and many other communities.


So to watch CNN’s Alisyn Camerota express that she feels as if her spirit has been broken by the lack of consequences brought upon the president despite the details of the Mueller report and what’s come after, I am.... well...... I wouldn’t have exactly assigned this straw to be the one to break the camel’s back, but I think I get it?

Speaking on Friday’s episode of New Day, she and her co-host John Berman talked about the increasingly distant possibility of former White House counsel Don McGahn testifying before Congress.

“They know he threatened to quit because he thought he was being asked to commit crimes,” Camerota said. “How does his going before Congress change anything?”

After hearing from other people around the table, Berman then tried to clarify that McGahn’s testimony before Congress could serve to compare the details in the report with what McGahn might say he recalls himself. To no avail, Camerota explained exactly the dejection she was feeling.

“My point, John, and I’m sorry if I sound like they’ve broken my spirit…” Camerota said. When Berman replied, “That’s what it sounds like. I think that’s the goal too,” she responded, “Well, it worked.”

“I think I am channeling many members of the American public who feel these past two years have been disheartening for people who believe in justice,” Camerota continued. “The reason I say that is because, you see in the Mueller report ample evidence laid out of obstruction, of what Robert Mueller considered obstruction, but nothing happens. You see violations of the Emoluments clause and nothing happens. Nepotism, but nothing happens.”


Nothing happens to the bad people and it feels absolutely shitty, for sure. But maybe that was always the problem with pinning hopes for salvation from this administration on the work of a former head of the FBI.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan