CNN Pundit Gushes That Trump's Meeting With Putin Made Him...'Presidential'

On Friday, Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin participated in their first public meeting at the G20 summit in Germany.


There, the two men spent nearly two-and-a-half hours talking behind closed doors. They apparently discussed various issues. You might not think that this is particularly impressive. But, for CNN pundit David Gergen, Trump’s performance was downright noble.

“He seemed presidential today,” Gergen, who did not witness any part of the meeting, explained to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin:

“And we actually had a Secretary of State who was explaining stuff to us. How often have we had that?… This seemed like we were back to normal life for the first time––one of the only times in the last few months. This is what we expect from our President. We may agree or disagree with the particulars, but we want our President to show leadership and be at a Presidential level, and I thought we saw more of that today, and I think we should be encouraged by that.”

The unbelievably easily satisfied Gergen’s comments came exactly four months after CNN’s Fareed Zakaria lavished similar praise on Trump for the amazing act of bombing an unoccupied, and questionably strategic air strip in Syria.

Trump, meanwhile, chuckled when Putin allegedly mocked the G20 press pool as “the ones that insulted you.”

Maybe he just hadn’t seen Gergen’s clip yet?

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