CNN: Trump's Demented Immigration Ramblings Were Actually Good

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Donald Trump held a bipartisan immigration reform meeting with Capitol Hill lawmakers on Tuesday, where he oscillated between rambling, nonsensical musings and a few moments of rare lucidity. Those moments, however few and far between, were nevertheless enough for CNN to revive the hype for its long-sought after white whale: The mythical Trump presidential pivot.


“I’m sure I’m going to get hit for this and I don’t really care,” the network’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash said. “The bottom line is that, a year ago, this is the presidency that many people thought Donald Trump was capable of.”

Bash went on to say that, regardless of whether or not anything actually comes from Tuesday’s meeting, simply inviting cameras into the room and allowing the public the opportunity to see their president try his hand at something approximating work was “what people who had high hopes for the Trump presidency thought it would be: meeting after meeting like this.”

Wow, a 70 year old billionaire managed not to piss himself in a meeting. The golden age of Trump must be right around the corner.

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