CNN's Jim Acosta Was Almost Cool Last Night

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Ugh, you hate to see it: Someone snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, getting so close to getting it right and then dropping the ball at the last second. Almost being cool, and then being a damn fool.


That’s what CNN’s Jim Acosta, crusader for journalism and man who is constantly being yelled at by Republicans at Trump rallies, did last night, per the Hill. It started when Acosta did this extremely lame tweet:

A fellow named Justin Caporale, whom the Hill reports used to be Melania Trump’s director of operations, tweeted this mocking reply in an also lame, not particularly funny way:

C- own at best, confusing, doesn’t land, very poor. But apparently this riled Jim, who direct messaged Justin to say “Fuck you,” which is funny and good.

Caporale then posted evidence of the DM on Twitter, plus two more whiny tweets.


God, shut up!!!

Sadly, instead of owning this funny thing to have done, Jim apologized profusely:


There are two different interpretations for what happened here:

1. The boring as hell explanation: It was a case of mistaken identity.

2. The infinitely funnier explanation: Jim knows Justin and thought they were friends, but was mistaken.


My suspicion is that Caporale, being a craven Republican operative, immediately used the message that was in fact from someone he had been friendly with in the past, and decided it was therefore perfectly fair to pretend to be mad about it in public and try to get Jim fired by tagging CNN’s PR team. To him, it was just another little piece of ammo in the Trumpworld’s war against CNN and the media.

Apologizing to that little shit was the wrong move, because there is no way he was actually offended. And so once again, we have an example of the mainstream media failing to understand the game the right plays and giving in to a bad faith claim. Besides, if politics and the internet have one thing in common, it’s that they’re both full of people swearing at each other all the time. If Lil’ Justin is upset at being told to fuck off by anyone, let alone someone he’s been friendly with in the past, he wasn’t getting anywhere near as much feedback for his role in the Trump White House as he should have been.


Mr. Acosta, sir: Fuck YOU for apologizing.

Splinter politics writer.