College footballer Cardale Jones shut down a fan who told him to stop tweeting about #BlackLivesMatter

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Cardale Jones, the 22 year-old quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes, has some thoughts for the people insisting that #AllLivesMatter is more useful hashtag than #BlackLivesMatter, the rallying cry that’s come to symbolize the current conversations around racially-motivated brutality against black people.

Recently, Jones has been retweeting news clips about Sandra Bland, the black woman who was pulled over by Texas police for a traffic violation, arrested, and then found dead in her jail cell days later. The police claim that Bland committed suicide, but the circumstances surrounding her death have left many suspicious.


Jones has expressed his support of using #BlackLivesMatter over #AllLivesMatter considering that most of the egregious examples of police brutality currently circulating through the media involve black people.


After Jones questioned just how inclusive the "all" in #AllLivesMatter actually was, Twitter user DGus1228 shot back with tweet of his own telling Jones to stay in his lane and focus on sports.

DGus1228 has since deleted this tweet, but the internet always has receipts.

Jones, never one to back down, clapped right back.


DGus1228 promptly deleted his Twitter account in response, but Jones wasn't quite done with the man or anyone else taking issue with #BlackLivesMatter:


And that's how you stay woke, everyone.

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