The investigation doesn't appear to have gone well, as the GOP's lawsuit is against a "John Doe." Party chairman Steve House told the Post the lawsuit is necessary in order to compel Twitter to reveal the identity of the mystery tweeter.


"Ultimately, someone has to be held responsible for a tweet that we didn't do," House said to the Post. "I think anytime someone uses your account in an unauthorized way, you've got to figure out who it is, you've got to stop it, you have to make sure they are held accountable for it."

Despite the lawsuit, Trump supporters on social media seemed skeptical that this wasn't some sort of elaborate cover-up for an ill-timed tweet.

Afraid of Trump, cowardly @cologop files lawsuit against no one for the 'We did it' tweet it sent night of CO conv.

— Deplorable Hank (@_HankRearden) May 11, 2016


Regardless of the results of the investigation, it sounds like a lot of Colorado delegates are still on Team #NeverTrump despite Ted Cruz withdrawing from the race. A Cruz volunteer told The Denver Post last week that all of the state's delegates "have been committed to Cruz with no intention of casting a vote to nominate anyone else."


I guess we'll find out for sure this summer in Cleveland.