Walking into stylist and beauty entrepreneur Linda Rodin's apartment feels perfect because it so perfectly represents her.

It almost feels as if you are in her brain: a mix of classic and contemporary, bright colors and elegantly muted palettes, a sense of fun and timelessness. In here, anything old feels new.

Everything is on Linda's clock, which doesn't seem to follow its own rules.

Her life story reads like a glamorous novel, complete with a stint in Italy. But for the past 35 years, Linda's called this gem of an apartment in New York City home. She has been collecting objects, clothes and memories — a sort of mini-museum around the idea that beauty is simple and natural. Although she's been a photographer, a stylist, and a boutique owner, now she has created an exquisite beauty product line, which started as a personal experiment in her bathroom.


Linda invited us into her haven in the Chelsea neighborhood; we took a look around, met her beloved poodle Winky, and she showed us some of her go to looks:


Lately Linda has been in the spotlight a lot. She modeled for the Olsen twin's The Row collection, for JCrew, and for designer Karen Walker. She's become a style icon to women of all ages.

In an interview with Nowness, Linda was asked to what she attributes all the attention; she responded: “Young people think anybody over 30 is really old, so to see someone my age who wears the kind of clothes that aren’t akin to their grandmothers’ is pretty much revolutionary." Indeed.

The fashion world hasn't necessarily been a welcome place for older women — and neither is society as a whole. We have this notion that at a certain age a woman's style and demeanor needs to change, but God forbid if a woman actually looks old! Women are expected to do everything possible to look young. "Today it's a crime to get older. I mean, sometimes I walk outside and I think they're going to arrest me because I've got wrinkles," says Linda, as she goes about breaking all sorts of beauty laws. Her apartment shows what is so wonderful about getting older: the collection of experiences and mementos that can only come with time.


In an interview with Into The Gloss she spoke about more aging: "I think one does feel more liberated and independent when one gets older. More honest and open with yourself and others. But you still have insecurities—they're different, but they don't totally go away. But you reach a point and say 'That’s OK.' In the end, nobody’s perfect, and we’re all doing the best we can."

I don't know, Linda, you seem pretty perfect to us (and so does your apartment)!

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