Comedian Pauly Shore Re–Emerges as Pompous White House Adviser Stephen Miller

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Leave it to a member of the Trump administration to breathe new life into the career of a 90s comedian.


Pauly Shore, however, is surprisingly spot–on with his parody of the pseudo–intellectual, dog whistle–blowing White House adviser Stephen Miller, who made a name for himself (again) this week by saying some outrageous things about the Statue of Liberty and immigration, and then feigning outrage over a CNN reporter’s comments about it.

If you missed that exchange, you can watch the entire thing here, although be warned, you will want to destroy things or toss your laptop out the window. Funny or Die has now recreated the Miller press briefing featuring Shore, who you may or may not remember depending on when you were born, ranting about ectoplasm and Wolverine.

As HuffPost’s Andy McDonald points out, the funniest line of the parody is Shore saying, “Look at me directly in my forehead and tell me I’m not lying,” after reminding CNN’s Jim Acosta about the time magician David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear.