Screenshot: MSNBC (Youtube)

Benjamin Wittes is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and the editor in chief of Lawfare, but he’s in the spotlight right now for being best mates with fired giant James Comey, and is thus being invited on television to talk about what’s going on with his pal.

In one such instance, this morning on MSNBC, Wittes was asked what Comey’s reaction has been to the White House’s attacks after the former FBI director’s primetime interview last night with ABC. Wittes said while he knew there would be a “campaign of defamation” against Comey, he did not realize there would be LYING!!! involved:

I’ll just speak for myself, I’m surprised a little bit by the audacity of it, that the Republican National Committee, as part of its institutional architecture, would have a website devoted to lying. That’s a remarkable moment in our democracy when a major party does that without shame, and without even concealing its role.

Oh, word? You didn’t realize the Republican Party would lie? Not after the tax bill, “death panels,” and basically everything else Republicans and their ilk claimed about Obamacare, Benghazi, climate change, literally every single thing Donald Trump has said with the implicit or explicit support of the party, most of what Mitt Romney said, and, you know, the whole Iraq War thing? That didn’t tip you off?

Wittes was referring to the Republican National Committee’s reportedly multi-pronged plan to discredit Comey ahead of the release of his tell-all book about the Trump administration with a website called “Lyin’ Comey,” digital ad buys, and talking points sent to Republicans across the country.


I’m really sorry about your mate, Ben, but if you think the Republican Party only started lying as part of its “institutional architecture” when your friend got fired and not, like, decades ago, I don’t think you should get to be on TV anymore. You don’t think good.