Community peacekeepers urge calm in Ferguson


Chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot” and, "We're young! We're strong! We're marching all night long!" protesters gathered on the main street of Ferguson again Tuesday night to continue a protest that started on Aug. 9, after Police Officer Darren Wilson killed black teenager Michael Brown.


Demonstrations begin peacefully during the daytime hours, but change their tone and tenor after nightfall, when violent clashes have erupted between and protesters and police.

​Trying to keep the peace in the middle of the street are dozens of people who are playing intermediary roles between cops and protesters. These self-appointed peacekeepers, people such as Charles Mayo, have proven to be more effective than the police in calling for calm and urging residents to keep moving.

Mayo’s mission, he says, is to make sure more people don’t get needlessly hurt.

Wearing a t-shirt displaying Marvel superheroes, Mayo and other members of the clergy and community, walked with protesters Tuesday night and helped broker a calm but orderly peace on the streets of Ferguson.

"I come to really keep the peace," said Mayo, who has been a nightly fixture at the protest site. "It's their constitutional right. A man lost his life … There's a lot going on out here. I feel sorry for the store owner. I feel sorry for the officers who have to work the long hours. But most of all, I feel sorry for Mike Brown's family."