Hey guys, we’re only a few days away from the most terrifying day of the year. That’s right. Black Friday.

Basically, Black Friday is a day where the country rehearses the mania that an actual apocalypse might induce, all for the sake of discounted HDTVs, clearance-priced Kitchen-Aids® and $5 Twilight series DVDs. There’s even a website,, that documents just how violent the day is every year.


So some kind folks with RSVLTS gave us this compilation of Black Fridays past, highlighting the evil, the violent and the butt-cracks.

It’s just really a nice little reminder that while the quality of our home videos has vastly improved in the last ten years, we’re still just a depraved society corrupted by consumerism and capitalism. Lucky for us, Black Friday actually starts on Thanksgiving now. Happy holidays.

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