Condoleezza Rice's response to Donald Trump calling her a 'bitch' is extremely relatable

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Condoleezza Rice—former Secretary of State, Iraq war architect, weirdly good pianist—came out of private life this week to deliver an extremely relatable burn to Donald Trump.


Trump, you see, reportedly called Rice a "bitch" in a 2006 speech back when she was Secretary of State. According to the New York Daily News, which reported on the speech at the time, Trump's exact words were:

"Condoleezza Rice, she's a lovely woman, but I think she's a bitch. She goes around to other countries and other nations, negotiates with their leaders, comes back and nothing ever happens."

Deadspin exhumed Trump's 2006 speech earlier this week, which led Rice—who has already denounced Trump and called for him to drop out of the race—to unleash a burn that is as brutal as it is understated.

"Exactly. Can't wait until November 9!" Rice wrote, in response to a CNN query about the decade-old remarks.

As diplomatic burns go, "Can't wait until November 9!" is pretty good. It's indirect and vague enough not to draw her into a flame war with Trump and his supporters, but works to get her point across—that she is excited for that glorious day when national discourse will no longer be consumed with graphic discussions of sexual assault, Infowars conspiracy theories, and debates about the proper BMI of beauty queens.

Liberals may not agree with Rice's foreign policy views, but every American can unite under the banner of her general sentiment. Can this end already?