Confederate flag license plates are probably on their way out in Maryland

@ColinCampbell via Twitter

People with Confederate flag license plates in the state of Maryland had better get ready to let them go. Under a new federal court ruling, the state will be allowed to take the license plates off the road from next month.


Md. is likely to begin recalling license plates with Confederate flag images

— Maryland Update (@MarylandUpdate) October 15, 2015

The order, handed down by district judge Marvin J. Garvis, allows the state's Attorney General to reverse an injunction from 1997, when another federal judge ruled that Confederate flag license plates are protected by the First Amendment.

ABC reports that the injunction came after the state made attempts to recall the license plates in the 1990s. In June, the Supreme Court ruled that the state Texas could remove the license plates because they count as a form of government speech. Since then Virginia has announced they're getting rid of them. There are still seven other states that offer the specialty plates.

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