Confederate flag spotted at neo-Nazi rally in London

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

British neo-Nazis held an "anti-Jewification" protest in London on Saturday, The Guardian reports, a demonstration that was ultimately drowned out by the counter-protest that formed around it.


Only about 20 people showed up to Whitehall to participate in the neo-Nazi rally itself, whereas The Evening Standard counted as many as 10 times that number of counter-protesters present.

Chants of "Nazi scum — off our streets!" overpowered speeches made by the small group of protesters, who the Standard saw “waving nationalist banners and flags" behind a protective line of about 200 police officers. Those banners included a Confederate flag, as seen in the below photo taken by Jewish News Editor Richard Ferrer.


This particular battle flag of the secessionist Confederate States has been simultaneously embraced as a symbol of Southern pride and denounced as a reminder of America's history of slavery and racism. Its usage has come under increased scrutiny in the weeks following a shooting that took the lives of nine congregants at an historic black church in Charleston, S.C.

The Guardian reports that law enforcement escorted the neo-Nazi protesters from Whitehall to the Westminster train station. Counter-protesters followed them all the way to the tube.

"By being here at least passers-by aren't walking by and just seeing another rally, they're seeing people opposing them," a Jewdas spokesperson told The Jewish Chronicle. "These people don't just have crazy ideas, they have racist ideas. They hurt people, they beat up people. We stand against them."


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