Congrats to Trump's Cabinet for Getting That Bread

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Nothing more heartwarming than a tale of someone grinding and hustling and it all paying off. From Politico today:

President Donald Trump’s three wealthiest Cabinet members took in tens of millions of dollars last year, including from divesting holdings to avoid conflicts of interest, according to disclosure filings released by the administration.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and her husband took in at least $59.4 million in 2017, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin reported income of more than $41.6 million, and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross tallied $47 million that year, according to annual financial disclosures each made to their agencies.


Nice! It’s really inspiring to see that, in America, being super rich is no barrier to getting even more obscenely, appallingly rich, even when you’re in government.

The best part? Much of this paper came from divestitures required by ethics rules: DeVos, the daughter of a billionaire, “agreed to divest 102 separate assets when Trump nominated her to be his education secretary,” the site reported, which I think everyone can relate to. Wilbur Ross, already the subject of hatin’ by people who are just jealous of his success, made one of those errors we all make from time to time: He “thought he had sold all of his shares” of Invesco, Ltd. before taking office but hadn’t, according to MarketWatch. The same thing happened to me! I mean, it didn’t. But it could! (It couldn’t.)

Look, fuckers, just be thankful we know anything about this, OK? Per Politico:

Some reported holdings are difficult or impossible to decipher. DeVos, Ross and Mnuchin all reported millions of dollars in holdings in limited partnerships and trusts, for example.

In August and September 2017, Mnuchin spent $1.1 million to $5.1 million to acquire an asset called North Park I LLC. A Treasury spokeswoman declined to explain the transactions.

It’s fine! At least, it’s probably fine, so stop asking! It’s very legal and cool! Why are you hating on a business king?

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