Congratulations to Peggy Noonan, Who Has Won, As We Have Lost

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We—along with Cesar, who works at the deli counter—would like to extend our congratulations to our friend Peggy Noonan, who has just been awarded the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for commentary. On Ronald Reagan, and other matters.


It was almost exactly a year ago that a Florida jury returned a $140 million verdict that sent Gawker Media into bankruptcy. We spent the following months mercilessly mocking Donald Trump, who nevertheless became President of the United States; one of his close advisers is Peter Thiel, the man who funded the lawsuit against us, who is now more powerful than ever. This Pulitzer Prize for Peggy Noonan caps off our year in a fitting way.

As Peggy herself wrote just days ago, “I think part of the answer is: Grandpa. He’d sit on the front stoop in Levittown in the 1950s. A sunny day, the kids are tripping by, there’s a tree in the yard and bikes on the street and a car in the front. He was born in Sicily or Donegal or Dubrovnik, he came here with one change of clothes tied in a cloth and slung on his back, he didn’t even speak English, and now look—his grandkids with the bikes.”


This is the way things are now.

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