Conservative Cable News Channel, Desperate for a Roy Moore Win, Called the Race For Him

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Roy Moore was narrowly defeated by Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race on Tuesday night, but if you were tuning into the One America News Network (OANN) you might have heard a slightly different story.


During its election night broadcast, OANN reached a new level of delusion when it called the race for Moore—basing its call on “unofficial polling,” which I’m assuming is a euphemism for “willful misrepresentation of reality.” 

A clip of the show was obtained by Jon Levine of The Wrap and, hoo boy, is it something else:

“We have some breaking news for you that we want to announce. Our unofficial polling shows Senate candidate Roy Moore sweeping the election right now in Alabama by a large margin,” the host declares in the clip.

OANN also called the race for Moore in a now erased article on its website. However, a cached version of the story does exist and it eagerly proclaims Moore will “begin his role in early January.” Published sans byline, the story also asserts that Moore, an accused sexual predator, won despite “attacks from democrats about unverified allegations from nearly 40-years ago.”

Moore, by the way, has still refused to concede—and he announced his refusal to concede in a characteristically unhinged campaign video on Wednesday.

“We are indeed in a struggle to preserve our Republic, our civilization, and our religion, and to set free a suffering humanity” Moore said. “And the battle rages on—in this race, we have not received the final count to include military and provisional ballots...we are awaiting verification by the Secretary of State.”