Conservative Lobbyist Throws A Fit On CNN After Being Called Out For WHCD Hypocrisy

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Matt Schlapp—a former adviser to George W. Bush who now lobbies for firms like Comcast and Walmart and chairs the American Conservative Union, which runs the infamous CPAC convention—had an all-American meltdown on CNN Monday morning when he was challenged about deploying “selective outrage” over the Sarah Huckabee Sanders jokes at the White House Correspondents dinner.


Schlapp, along with his wife Mercedes, a White House flak, made a big to-do about walking out of the dinner over comedian Michelle Wolf’s Sanders jokes. (This did not stop him from attending a WHCD afterparty.) On CNN’s New Day, he said he was distressed because Wolf was “just continuing to pummel Sarah,” a person who’s paid to lie for a living.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo didn’t accept that argument, telling Schlapp he wasn’t anywhere near this upset when President Trump infamously mocked a disabled New York Times reporter on stage at a campaign rally.

“You’re not as upset about what the president of the United States says on a regular basis—and he’s not joking!” Cuomo said. “So if you’re going to care about a comedian and be so offended by what jokes failed or didn’t fail, then where is it there? Where’s the selective outrage?”

Then the lobbyist got very mad at this attack on his integrity!

“It’s OK for you to be upset about it,” Cuomo continued.

“I’m not upset!” Schlapp yelled back.

Good good good.

Now please excuse me while I put my head in an oven rather than endure a week’s worth of virtue signaling—both from conservatives coming to Sanders’ defense and media types policing jokes in the name of “both sides” journalism—about this goddamn dinner, which shouldn’t exist in the first place.


Here’s the full 26 MINUTE interview with Schlapp.

Managing Editor, Splinter