Constance Wu made some incredibly tough comments about Casey Affleck's controversial Oscar nod

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Casey Affleck’s nomination for a Best Actor Oscar for his work in Manchester by the Sea came as no surprise—particularly in light of his Golden Globes win—but that doesn’t mean that people were happy about it, given that Affleck has been hit with several allegations of sexual misconduct. (More on those in a second.) His nomination drew ire across the internet, including from none other than his fellow celebrity Constance Wu.


The outspoken Fresh off the Boat actress has never shied away from discussing controversial topics, but the woman went IN on Affleck and the Academy’s recognizing of him:


As a refresher, in 2010, two separate women, a producer and a cinematographer, who had worked with Affleck on I’m Still Here, a mockumentary about Joaquin Phoenix, filed lawsuits alleging sexual harassment against him, including making sexual comments and insanely inappropriate advances. After threatening to countersue the women, Affleck settled both lawsuits. Affleck has never specifically discussed the case (part of the terms of the settlement), but did tell Variety for their October issue, “I guess people think if you’re well-known, it’s perfectly fine to say anything you want,” and told the New York Times via email in November:

“It was settled to the satisfaction of all. I was hurt and upset — I am sure all were — but I am over it. It was an unfortunate situation — mostly for the innocent bystanders of the families of those involved.”


Affleck’s nomination and general success is, of course, even more contentious in light of the backlash to Nate Parker, director and star of Birth of a Nation, whose career didn’t survive his own past rape allegations. The Academy may have chosen to overlook the allegations against Affleck, but Constance Wu sure hasn’t.