Hedgehog Days/ Twitter

Marutaro might conceivably be the most famous hedgehog in the world. He has over 48,000 Twitter followers, his own email address and a Vine account with 27,000-plus followers. He also has his own calendar!

Yup, the hedgehog is a bona fide pinup, something that took Beyonce 15 years to get. Marutaro has managed this in his own small lifespan (an average of 3.5 years is normal for hedgehogs.)



#ハリネズミ #hedgehog pic.twitter.com/jRZxpyiISW— ハリネズミ★まるたろう (@hedgehogdays) March 20, 2014


Every day his various accounts post a new image of Marutaro, sharing his antics; he also boasts a web site officially sharing his calendar with all his fans. It’s a daily dose of cuteness.

But little is known about Marutaro. His owner—who did not respond to our request for comments—reveals very little about his daily life. We know that he likes bottles:



And the park:


But what else do we really know?

We can at least guess that this is one happy hedgehog … hopefully!


#まるたろう #hedgehog #devil pic.twitter.com/J93W14sq3V— ハリネズミ★まるたろう (@hedgehogdays) March 15, 2014


Here are some of our favorite Marutaro moments. Be prepared to squeal inside—unless you have no soul.


#MarutaroTheHedgehog pic.twitter.com/SusZZJxt98— ハリネズミ★まるたろう (@hedgehogdays) April 9, 2014

今日は『笑っていいとも!』最終回ですね。なんかさみしいな。 pic.twitter.com/smPoMqBufo— ハリネズミ★まるたろう (@hedgehogdays) March 31, 2014


#MarutaroTheHedgehog #まるたろう pic.twitter.com/6gQ0d8um7G— ハリネズミ★まるたろう (@hedgehogdays) April 10, 2014