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Senator Ted Cruz has solidly established himself in second place in terms of the number of delegates, but the GOP presidential hopeful has struggled to keep a firm hold of a number of key voting demographics like black people, latino people, and cigar smokers.


There's a chance, though, that Cruz has his eyes on a longer game where he pulls ahead at the last minute with the help of the one group of people that could catapult him into first place: Bronies.

Bronies, you'll remember, are grown men with a deep and intense love of the children's program My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

While following Cruz on the campaign trail back in January, Ozy writer Nick Fouriezos witnessed an interaction between Cruz and the child of a supporter that suggests that the Texas senator might just be a closet Brony.


“What’s your favorite My Little Pony?” Cruz asked the little girl, who explained that Twilight was her choice pony. “I have two daughters, and they love Twilight. My favorite, though, is Applejack. I just think she’s funny.”

According to the The Washington PostCruz tends to poll best with self-identified conservatives, evangelicals, people over the age of 50, and conservative women. A study of the Brony population conducted by Drs. Patrick Edwards and Marsha H. Redden found that the average Brony is a 21-year-old, single, American, male student—a group underrepresented in analyses of Cruz's supporters.

In the past, the Brony community's proven itself to be more than capable of channeling its collective energies to enact social change and it could potentially do the same for Cruz. Perhaps if Cruz was more forthcoming of his love of the ponies from Equestria, he could turn out the Brony vote and unseat GOP frontrunner Donald Trump once and for all.

We've reached out to the Cruz campaign asking if he identifies as a Brony or would ever consider campaigning directly for their votes. We'll update if and when they respond.

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