Court documents reveal that the cop who killed Michael Brown used the n-word

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Darren Wilson, the former Ferguson police officer who killed Michael Brown in August 2014, referred to black people as "niggers" when talking with his fellow officers, according to court documents first reported Tuesday by The Washington Post.


But Wilson's attorney told the Post that he only used the word in the context of repeating witness accounts given during police investigations. The court filing was added to the docket Dec. 28 in the civil lawsuit brought by Brown's parents against Wilson.

As the newspaper reports:

Asked if he has made a racist remark while on-duty as an officer, Wilson responded through his attorney that 'I have repeated a racist remark made by someone else, but I have not made a racist remark against another individual while on duty as a police officer.'

The next two statements address whether Wilson had ever used the word n-word to refer to African Americans and if he has heard fellow Ferguson police officers doing so. In both cases, Wilson replied through his attorney, 'Admitted.'


In an email to the Post, Wilson's attorney, Greg Kloeppel, said his client "never used the n-word to refer to an African American in a racist or derogatory manner and he never repeated a racist joke while on duty.”

“Officer Wilson did admit in discovery responses that he used the n-word and has heard former officer(s) use the n-word on at least one occasion but, he did so while repeating/reporting what a victim, witness or suspect etc., relayed to him while conducting an investigation or preparing a report,” Kloeppel said.

In November 2014, a grand jury declined to indict Wilson for any crime related to the fatal shooting.

Even almost three full years after Warren killed Brown, who was 18 years old and unarmed at the time of his death, there are still new revelations about the events that led up to Brown's killing, which sparked nationwide protests against police brutality. This weekend, it was revealed that an upcoming documentary contains new footage which casts doubts on the official police narrative surrounding Brown's death.

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