Craigslist is overrun with insane ticket prices for the new Star Wars movie

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A jedi's strength flows from the Force, but beware the Dark Side. Also known as Craigslist.

Since tickets went on sale Monday night for the upcoming premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the website has been flooded with posts offering to sell tickets for the premiere at inflated rates.


Austin's Alamo Drafthouse was one of the theaters whose website suffered last night from demand for tickets. But someone apparently got some tickets, as at least one person is selling four of them on Craigslist for $100 a pop.

A single ticket admission at the Alamo Drafthouse is listed on its website as costing $10.50. The website also shows that, while the 10:20 p.m. show is indeed sold out, there are at least four other showings at that theater not yet sold out as of publication.

That's not even the most expensive listing in Austin. A since-removed listing was trying to sell a pair of IMAX 3d seats that typically go for $13 each for $750.


This is not solely a Texas affair. A Google search of Craigslist for "Star Wars tickets" returns 9,510 results, with most of the top ones consisting of resales at 5-10x the ticket value.


Lest you think all these posts are from unscrupulous Sith, there do appear to be a few legit posts thrown in the mix. A Denver post claims the poster bought tickets for the wrong day, and is getting rid of his tickets for $1 each. Another mistaken purchase comes from Washington D.C., where the person says he accidentally used a senior discount.

I got so excited I bought 3 senior tickets instead of adult tickets for the new Star Wars film. (I'm 25). So because I can't return them I thought I'd try selling them here at cost for $44.50.

The showing is Friday, Dec 18 at 8pm at the Regal Ballston Common Stadium 12 in Arlington, VA.

Not sure if they'll actually check if you're over 60. So if anyone out there is not a senior and is still interested, that's cool.


Some advice for this poster: you can always go in your Yoda cosplay and claim to be 900 years old.

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