Creator of phony Bruce Jenner 'missing person' posters: 'Everyone just needs to chill out'

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Yesterday, I wrote an article about an anonymously posted fake missing persons poster looking for information regarding the whereabouts of Bruce Jenner, the transgender person who has been living, very publicly, as Caitlyn Marie Jenner, since June 2015.


A message sent to the email address listed on the flier,, presumably owned by the maker of the flier, was returned by a person who claims to be "really committed" to finding Bruce Jenner. The user refused to identify themselves.

"Bruce is important because he was so visible and in the public eye for so long and then just disappeared," the user wrote in an email. "If someone that famous and visible can just go missing and law enforcement and government aren't doing anything about it, what chance do every day normal missing people have of being found? I don't think Jenner is here, but he could be. That's the point—he's missing."


The user went on to explain their reasoning for creating the fliers in detail, ([sic] throughout):


I'm hoping to initiate conversation on political correctness, in light of recent #politics that relieve people of actually doing anything tangible to help.

South Park recently tackled this problem too and I am taking it to the streets.

People have become too PC and it frightens and infuriates me.

It seems like you can't say or do anything these days without offending someone for not using the so called "correct" gender pronoun or racial term or sexual orientation—of which there seem to be new ones everyday, how are people supposed to keep up?

This hyperbole distracts from any real motions for change and gives fascist liberals something to shout about. On top of that, it's interesting to see people, not necessarily Jenner, who use the expanding visibility and acceptance of gender and sexuality variation as a tool to promote themselves under the guise of social change. Everyone just needs to chill out and live their lives.

"Interesting journalism on your part to choose a negative Instagram of the flier," the user went on to write. "The majority has responded to it positively, seeing that it's a joke."

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