Curt Schilling on who won the Democratic debate: 'ISIS'

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

When last we heard from former MLB pitcher and current ESPN commentator Curt Schilling it was August, and he was posting memes comparing muslims to nazis. Now he's cracking "jokes" about who won last night's Democratic debate.


Who does Curt think the big winner last night was?

Schilling was responding to Donald Trump, who spent last night live-tweeting the debate. It was late, so Schilling got into it with comparatively few people, plenty of whom seemed to be messing around with him.

This is a relatively small incident in the universe of Curt Schilling Twitter fights and/or goofs; it does not compare to the evening he spent arguing that evolution isn't real. Even so, seems like an odd move for a guy who was suspended from his job as a commentator for comparing muslims to nazis.


Schilling did give the world a little insight into his tweeting habits this morning, though:


Maybe take a few more seconds to think over your tweets, big guy.

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