Redditor NobodyLikesASmartAss was faced with a considerable challenge when his twin daughters, aged four, requested a "Hulk Princess" cake for their birthday. No, not She-Hulk—Hulk Princess.

This dad delivered, showcasing Bruce Banner's enormous, temperamental (and enormously temperamental) green alter ego as you've never seen him before.


The Hulk models a floor-length frosting strapless gown (how better to show off those arms?) with a violet (a perfect complement to his skin tone!) ruched bodice and matching beaded trim. To top it all off, his familiar grimace positively sparkles under a shimmering red tiara.


Marvel Entertainment is, of course, a subsidiary of Disney, which raises important questions: when can we expect a Hulk Princess crossover franchise, and can I please order all the action figures in advance?

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