Talking—it’s hard! I’ve never done it, but being a 17-year-old girl talking to a pasty 48-year-old white guy snorting to himself and shoving his recorder in your face sounds like an even more difficult task.


And yet, some hero teen out there should be absolutely beaming for handling that exact situation so smoothly. She not only gave Daily Mail reporter David Martosko an excellent answer to an inherently stupid question, but did it so well that he’s currently being ratio’d into the sun for being such a rude dick to a politically engaged teen.


For posterity’s sake:

Illustration for article titled iDaily Mail /iDipshit Tries to Own Teen Only for Teen To, Like, Totally Own His Ass
Screenshot: The dweeb

Also, it doesn’t matter how old a person is, but the fact that Trump is mocking Warren and calling her Pocahontas when he does nothing for Native American rights is really freaking dumb is an astute and objectively correct take.

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