Daughter of alleged billionaire gives advice on blog about surviving unpaid internships

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Ivanka Trump proved her father isn’t the only person with questionable money and business advice when her blog posted an article titled “How to Survive as an Unpaid Intern.”


Unpaid internships are often criticized for favoring the wealthy or at the very least, the upper middle class. Does the post on a blog run by the daughter of an alleged billionaire (his wealth cannot be proved unless he produces his tax returns) who works for her father address this? Nah! Instead, the post focuses on way to save money by saving up during the school year (not terrible advice, although hopefully you didn’t need that money for tuition or anything), limiting weekend spending (LOL, sure!) and signing up for Amazon Prime (a membership costs $99 per year, which is insurmountable to some, and also requires a credit card) for cheaper groceries.

While the advice is arguably just clueless and not supportive of #WomenWhoWork, the blog crosses over into truly questionable with the graphic, which features emoji of money, light bulbs and black women.

Oh, Ivanka.

To be fair, the post is written by (probably unpaid) intern Quincy Bulin, not Ivanka herself, although Ivanka did promote it on social media.

At least we can count on social media to give some good reactions.


It's unclear if the criticism reached Ivanka, who on Friday promoted an admittedly adorable video of her infant son, Theo, giggling with the caption “Baby giggles are the best!”  And of course, Ivanka and her family have been on vacation in Croatia with Wendi Deng, the ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch and the rumored girlfriend of Vladimir Putin.