David Bowie's final album hits #1 on the charts

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David Bowie's last album has landed in the top spot on the Billboard charts, the magazine reported Sunday.


"Blackstar," which was released just two days before the music icon's death from cancer at 69, sold 181,000 copies in its first week, Billboard said. It's Bowie's first-ever chart-topper in the United States.

The album has received rave reviews. After Bowie died, his longtime collaborator Tony Visconti called "Blackstar" a "parting gift" to the world. In his final days, Bowie was planning a follow-up album. It was part of a burst of creative energy from Bowie in the last years of his life, even as he faced his own impending death.

Watch the video for "Lazarus," one of the singles from "Blackstar," below.