DC Mayor Says Trump's Self-Serving Fourth of July Bash Bankrupted the City's Anti-Terrorism Fund

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President Donald Trump’s recent Fourth of July extravaganza had everything: unnecessary tanks, big loud airplanes, proud boys, and a price-tag so hefty, Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says it helped bankrupt her city’s special fund dedicated to fighting terrorism and keeping its citizens safe.

In a letter to the White House obtained by the Washington Post, Bowser claimed the president’s wholly over-the-top celebration cost the city nearly $2 million and has pushed the city’s Emergency Planning and Security Fund toward a projected $6 million deficit by September. And now she’d like the administration to pay up.

“We ask for your help with ensuring the residents of the District of Columbia are not asked to cover millions of dollars of federal expenses and are able to maintain our high standards of protection for federal events,” Bowser wrote, according to the Post. Bowser also said the Trump administration has yet to repay more than $7 million in costs associated with the president’s 2017 inauguration.


As the DC government explains on its website, the money pool is federally-funded, allocated to the District for expenses related to:

  • Providing public safety at events related to the presence of the Nation’s Capital in the District;
  • Providing response support to immediate and specific terrorist threats or attacks in the District; and
  • Providing support for requests from the United States Secret Service.

This is not the first time the Trump camp has been accused of leaving a host city holding the bag for costs accrued by an event they’ve posted. In late May, El Paso notified the president’s re-election campaign that it was five months delinquent on a bill for nearly half a million dollars it owed the city for a MAGA rally held in February. At least 10 other cities have also reportedly been stiffed.