Dear God No

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In news that nobody wanted, CNN President Jeff Zucker announced in a Very Unbiased And Not Insider-y interview with former Obama senior adviser David Axelrod on Monday that he’s very interested in doing politics and that, despite having turned down opportunities to do politics in the past, would still very much like to try to do them one day.

In an interview with Axelrod—now a CNN analyst—for his Axe Files podcast, Zucker said that politics is “harbor[ed] somewhere in my gut” and that he was “still very interested” in it.

“You turned down the opportunity to work for Al Gore in 2000. You’ve talked in the past about possibly running for office,” Axelrod said.


“So I’m still interested in that. It’s something that I would consider,” Zucker said. This was terrible for anyone who remembered that he almost literally gave the country Donald Trump via the Apprentice, fanned the Trump campaign’s flames in CNN’s coverage of the 2016 presidential election, and continues CNN’s record of horrible coverage to this day.

“Gimme a call if you’re thinking about it,” Axelrod responded. “You can get me in touch with the right people,” Zucker said. Shudder.


Zucker has already signed a contract keeping him on as CNN president through the 2020 election, according to Vanity Fair—just the opportunity to continue ruining the media’s role in dictating politics before he runs himself.