Dear Trump, the theater is a safe space. Just not for Pence's hate.

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When super anti-gay Vice President-elect Mike Pence went to see Hamilton last night, the audience booed his arrival, and the crew basically told him they hoped the show made him a little less terrible but in an respectful way that must've taken an incredible amount of restraint. You can read more about what happened on Broadway last night and watch the videos in this post by Fusion's Jack Mirkinson.

This morning president-elect Donald Trump used his teeny tiny fingers to tweet about the cast of Hamilton harassing Pence.


Fact-check: it wasn't harassment by any stretch of the imagination. Actor Brandon Victor Dixon actually welcomed Pence quite warmly. Watch it for yourself:

Trump went on to demand an apology via twitter.


I'm sorry, what? The theater is a safe and special place—for the gay community. In fact, the current lead of Hamilton is an HIV-positive gay man. (Sidenote: Pence is basically responsible for an HIV outbreak in Indiana). As you probably know, Hamilton has also been been lauded for its especially diverse cast, making that show a exceptional and much needed place on Broadway for other marginalized groups too.

So Trump, the theater is a "safe and special place." Just not for Pence's hate.

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