Democrat Candidates Lack Insight Into the Unknowable Mind of God

In Bloomberg today, Ramesh Ponnuru challenges the ability of the mayor of South Bend, Indiana to channel the immortal will of a long-dead mythical prophet. Good point—but it’s even worse than that.

Amy Klobuchar Is Blind to the Face of The Buddha

Andrew Yang Embraceth NOT The Holy Spirit of Saint Barnabas

Eric Swalwell Wouldn’t Know the Prophet Muhammad If He Bumped Right Into Him

Julian Castro Erroneously Predicted a 2012 Apocalypse Based on MesoAmerican Numerology


Bernie Sanders Lacks Dharma

Elizabeth Warren Conducted an Imaginary Debate with Confucius In Her Bathroom Mirror—and Lost

Joe Biden Arrived Drunk to a Dialogue With Guru Granth Sahib

Get it together folks!


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