Democrat Premieres Historic Ad With Same-Sex Kiss on Fox News

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A Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Maryland made history today by giving us what appears to be the first political ad to feature a same-sex kiss from a candidate. Even better? It made its debut during, of all places, Fox & Friends.

Richard Madaleno, a Maryland state senator, is running for governor, and his first ad, titled “Take That,” is a defiant statement aimed right at President Donald Trump. After discussing how he helped defend Planned Parenthood, ban assault weapons in Maryland, and fought for public schools, Madaleno has one more jab for Trump.

“And what’s the No. 1 way I piss off Donald Trump and the Republicans?” he asks. He then plants a big ol’ (and also very tame and family-friendly) kiss on his husband Mark Hodge, right behind their two children. The LGBTQ Victory Fund said that, “to our knowledge, it is the first political ad in American history to feature a kiss between a candidate and a same-sex spouse.” And as The Hill reported, the ad, which arrived just in time for Pride Month, initially aired on the local Washington-area edition of Fox & Friends, which is pretty brilliant.

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