Democrats Flip State House Seats In Connecticut and New Hampshire

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Democrats flipped two State House seats in New England on Tuesday night, the fifth and sixth legislative seats the party has flipped blue in the new year.


In New Hampshire’s Belknap County District 3, Democrat Phil Spagnuolo won by a margin of over seven points, while in Connecticut’s House District 120, Phil Young eked out a win over Republican Bill Cabral. In that district, voters haven’t elected a Democrat in 44 years.

The wins come after Democrat Linda Belcher took back her seat in Kentucky’s 49th District last week, and Democrat Margaret Good clinched an upset victory in a heavily Republican Florida district earlier this month.

Democrats’ strong showing in special elections and high turnout in primary votes have made Republican leaders across the country nervous. Just yesterday, the Dallas Morning News reported that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent out mass emails to supporters noting that leftist activism in a spate of Texas primaries should “shock every conservative to their core.”

Night Editor, Splinter