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If you thought the Trump administration basically laughing in Democrats’ facing for trying to subpoena top figures like Attorney General William Barr would change their mind about impeachment, fear not: Today, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer reiterated the party’s firm commitment to doing jack shit.


According to Politico, Hoyer told reporters today the House won’t hold floor votes on contempt charges against Barr or other Trump officials until at least next month, if at all. “I don’t anticipate it will be done this month. We only have one week,” Hoyer told reporters. (Congress goes into recess next Thursday and returns on June 4, after Labor Day.)

But, the Democratic floor leader stressed, the Democrats are really serious about...I don’t know what, exactly.


“I want to emphasize this is a very serious matter. We are taking it very seriously,” Hoyer also said. It’s a real mystery why Hoyer is facing a primary challenge.

Instead of going after Trump officials individually, Hoyer said the Democrats are putting together a contempt resolution “package,” although it’s unclear what that would look like. One opposing idea put forward by some Democrats, Politico reports, is detaining Barr and other figures who won’t comply with the subpoenas for “inherent contempt,” but Hoyer said the Democrats are “somewhat limited in our ability to carry that out.” (Supreme Court precedent might have something to say about that.)

Anyway, this also happened today:


This is all a big joke, one that everyone is in on except you.

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