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The president of the United States may have just met with the leader of North Korea in a very bizarre and superfluous event, but the real star of the show in Singapore has been America’s new top diplomat, Dennis Rodman. The former basketball player, Apprentice contestant, and buddy of Kim Jong Un (who was once under investigation for violating federal law when he gave Kim a bunch of fancy presents for his 31st birthday), was there when everything went down, thanks to backing from a marijuana-related cryptocurrency.

Rodman had already tearfully expressed his frustration at being brushed off by the Obama administration for trying to create ties with North Korea through basketball (and, of course, for being friends with Kim). But in an interview with the New York Post, he showed he has more to say. And it’s bad!


On whether or not the various human rights abuses leveled at Kim, which Rodman seems to be very aware of, is any of his business (emphasis mine):

And I’ve said to people all along — those people have never showed any animosity, any aggression, any antagonizing ways that have proved me wrong. I say what happens with the labor, all the labor, the negativity, as far as the violence, the starvation, that’s not my department. And I just wanted to keep peace with sports … between the two countries. I do want that position to keep doing that.



On America’s immigration policy, a day after the Department of Justice decided to deny asylum to those fleeing domestic abuse and/or gang violence:

And there’s no better place to be than in America. Because refugees around the world have come to America for asylum and we gave it to them and we appreciate people coming over and we always have open arms for anyone who is coming over.


On what makes Donald Trump a success, and also on how Trump has supported him:

I think that, a lot of people have a lot of pride, especially when you have power and Trump has a lot of pride and Trump has been successful has a business person all of his life. His dad was very successful. Trump even told me a long time ago, “Dennis, it’s a great thing that you’re doing this in North Korea.” This was before he became president.


On whether or not two very flashy, megalomaniacal strongmen leaders who lie a lot and put people’s lives in danger can be pals:

I just hope that this is not a gimmick. I hope this is very serious. And I hope this is going to bridge some gaps between the countries and I think that they can do a good job. And I think that Trump will realize that Kim Jong Un is a great guy, inside, and put politics aside, I think they’ll begin a great friendship.


I don’t know man, I feel if Dennis Rodman, a man who can compartmentalize the violent oppression of an entire country, feels vindicated for the work he did for an actual dictator, we should probably be concerned.

Isha is a staff reporter who covers pop culture, representation in media, and your new faves.

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