Denver fans, excited over score of sports game, proceed to go crazy

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Sometimes you love your city so much you just gotta smash it up a bit.

Denver police reported arresting a dozen unruly Broncos fans in the city's downtown area last night after the team's victory over the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl.

The Denver Post reported police were forced to close down streets leading into the city's downtown area and use pepper spray to disperse crowds. A police spokesman told the Post the arrests were for "criminal mischief, starting fires and throwing things at officers" as well as two gun-related charges.


A video of the celebration/riot posted by Denver7 News shows large crowds of people attempting to tip over cars and throwing trash cans and newspaper displays down the street.

Despite the light rioting, police interviewed by the Post thought things could've been worse.


"Overall, things went pretty well," spokesman Sonny Jackson told the Post. "There were a handful of people who were somewhat unruly."

It certainly was no pumpkin festival.