Denver shooting suspects allegedly use rented Car2Go micro-cars for drive-by

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The Smart Fortwo isn't the typical getaway vehicle, with its 1 liter engine that generates about 70 horsepower. Some alleged criminals in Denver, however, put the Smart cars to the test this weekend.


The Denver Post reports that suspects in a drive-by shooting rented the petite cars from a car-sharing service as part of the July 4 murder of 22-year-old Daerius Churchill.

Police say two of the two-seater vehicles belonging to the rental fleet of Car2Go were spotted fleeing the scene after Churchill was killed Saturday at the corner of Randolph Avenue and St. Paul Street in Denver.


The Post reported that a detective's affidavit included in a search warrant for the crime stated that both police and Car2Go were having difficulty tracking the rented cars, as multiple vehicles were rented from the service at the same time using fictitious names through a call center.

The affidavit is a bit confusing, since even a Car2Go spokeswoman interviewed by the Post had never heard of the company using a call center before. Customers typically use a smartphone app to find and rent vehicles parked on public property.

Denver police would not comment on the ongoing investigation to the Denver Post, while the Car2Go representative, Dacyl Armendariz, said she had never heard of the company's vehicles being used in a drive-by shooting before. Executives of Uber and Lyft may be a bit more wary, however, as there is precedent for this sort of thing.

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