Despite Being Trolled by the President of the United States, ‘Sleepy Eyes’ Chuck Todd Not Tired At All

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President Donald Trump unleashed another of his now standard Saturday morning tweet rants. And while some of them contain the typical “fake news” and “failing @nytimes” digs to distract from encroaching turmoil over the ongoing Russia probe, Trump’s latest tweets trolled NBC News anchor Chuck Todd, calling him “Sleepy Eyes.”


Yes, that’s the president of the United States talking. Although by now, I guess I shouldn’t be shocked.

Trump seemed to be responding to a rather clear-minded analysis by Todd during an appearance on NBC’s Nightly News program on Friday. Todd said, “I think the biggest problem here is you have the president that doesn’t want to accept the conclusion that Russia tried to interfere in the election and that there is going to be an investigation in this, whether he likes it or not.”

Todd also noted (perhaps foreshadowing the coming tweet storm) that almost all of President Trump’s current problems stem from his impulsive false tweet about former President Barack Obama wiretapping his phone at Trump Tower.

Trump, however, wasn’t done, because no Saturday morning social media rant storm would be complete without a) bringing up the elections (check):


b) dissing Obamacare (check):


and c) plugging Fox News while claiming “big news” is about to happen that will ultimately (for real this time) vindicate him (also check):


The thing is, despite being commander in chief, Trump isn’t quite as good at this Twitter thing as he believes. Early Saturday morning, Todd trolled the president right back, noting that he is indeed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today, and eager to continue getting under the president’s skin:


Your move, Mr. President.

Weekend Editor, Splinter